In celebration of renowned Cambridge University cosmologist Stephen Hawking’s 70th birthday, the Science Museum, London, UK is exhibiting a display of objects and papers from Hawking’s archive, chronicling his remarkable life and momentous achievements. Included in the exhibition is an early portrait of Professor Hawking, created by David Hockney in 1978. Which lead the museum to inquire if Hockney would be interested in producing an iPAD portrait of Hawking on occasion of the exhibition. Both Hockney and Hawking were thrilled at the prospect, and work on the portrait began soon after. For the duration of this celebratory exhibition, the museum will display an animated iPAD portrait of the famed cosmologist, emerging from a blank screen with each recorded stroke of the artist’s hand. 
To see more works by David Hockney, don’t miss the chance to visit his current exhibition “David Hockney: A Bigger Picture” at the Royal Academy, now in it’s final weeks!